About Arukah Consulting

As independent adoption consultants, we provide support to families, professionals, and churches. We understand the complexity of adoption and it impact, and we strive to support the needs of those impacted by adoption. With an emphasis on post-adoption care, Arukah Consulting understands adoption is lifelong and is available to support adoption needs beyond adoption finalization.

Arukah is Hebrew for restoration and healing — in essence, a restoring to wholeness. Arukah Consulting is committed to supporting restorative processes in relationships. With a focus on adoption, Arukah Consulting is passionate about helping families, professionals, and faith-based communities prepare, establish, and promote restoration in adoptive relationships through education and consultation.

Our Vision

Cultivate awareness and restoration in adoption communities.

Our Mission

Arukah Consulting exists to cultivate awareness about adoption and to equip and support families, professionals, and faith-based communities invested in adoption, with a strong emphasis on post-adoption care.

Principal Consultant —
Jennifer Penner, DSW (C), LCSW, PPSC

Jennifer Penner, Principal Consultant with Arukah

Jennifer Penner has an extensive history of working in non-profit child welfare.

Twenty-two years ago, Jennifer began her career in residential care for adolescents and then moved to support the needs of foster care staff and provided monitored visit support for children and their birth families. Jennifer then worked in Wraparound, a need-based, family-driven, team collaborative approach to support the stabilization of youth in their families and communities. From serving in Wraparound, Jennifer began to support foster and adoptive families, providing case management and adoption social work support. After working in foster care and adoption, Jennifer expanded her career by working as a school social worker for two school calendar years. Jennifer then moved back into adoption work, where she spent several years as a trainer and group facilitator, specifically with pre-and post-adoption families. She has also continued working as an adoption home study writer and has since worked as an interim adoption supervisor. Finally, she serves as Adjunct Faculty at California Baptist University in the past and currently.

Jennifer's passion and heart are to serve and walk alongside others, primarily focusing on the adoption community, especially post-adoption.

Jennifer Penner is a doctoral candidate at California Baptist University with an anticipated graduation date of August 2022, focusing her research and innovation on increasing access, availability, and competent post-adoption support. She also has a heart for faith-based communities invested in adoption by helping to raise awareness around the lifelong commitment and challenges that exist for those in the adoption constellation.